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Optiva Balance Sheets 

Smart Grid

Smart Grid solutions help enable utilities and customers to more effectively monitor and control energy use and costs. They also advance toward a radically different landscape for meeting their energy needs and increase performance while running. Intelligence and control improvements result in better ways to manage energy usage and control costs. 

Optiva is offering a broad portfolio of systems products, software and tools for grid infrastructure, utility metering, communications and home or building automation development. We provide our customers with innovation and expertise across a robust portfolio, covering all the major functions of the meter. Our comprehensive offerings, also, include hardware, software and SoCs (System-on-Chip products). Briefly, one of the most important advantages of Optiva over Smart Grid is the ability to scale our solutions allowing optimization of system requirements.

Through our Smart Grid solutions we provide our customers with:

 - Innovation

 - Real-world Smart Grid Expertise

 - Academic Knowledge and Research

 - The latest Technological Developments

 - Cost Reduction

 - Automation and Control

 - Communications Flexibility

 - Scalability, as mentioned above

 - High Security

 - Advanced Analytics and Big Data