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Optiva Balance Sheets 

Telecommunication Sector

Telecommunication companies are adapting to the IP wave, rapidly identifying, developing, introducing and scaling their service portfolio. However, they are trying to make large investmenets and ensure revenue assurance. To support them in their needs, we offer smart solutions and cost reductive plans, able to provide both market outspread and revenue assurance at the same time.

Our experienced background proves to provide us an inside knowledge of the telecommunication business and is the main reason why our customers feel comfortable in receiving our consultancy services.


Cross Industry Solutions

We offer innovative enterprise business solutions across industries, applicable in customers of every sector. Our Cross Industry Solutions portfolio includes Enterprise Content Management, SAP and Service Oriented Architecture consultancy Services.

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Vertical Solutions

Our portfolio is covering each industry separately. We offer vertical solutions for Financial Institutions, Telecom Sector and Utilities. Specifically for the Telecommunication Sector, our enterprise offerings are:

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- Operational Support Systems View More

- Network Management View More

- Inventory Management View More

- Revenue Assurance View More