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Service Oriented Architecture

Optiva's SOA governance and SOA software solutions allow companies to build a better service oriented architecture that delivers real value. SOA Governance solutions can help customers plan, build and run enterprise services and open APIs.

Many large organizations are reducing costs, improving agility and reducing risk with simple and advanced enterprise SOA programs.

In order for SOA initiatives to succeed they need to follow sound Enterprise Architecture practices. Companies realizing the most success are those that have built an Integrated SOA Governance infrastructure that governs a wide range of assets and artifacts through their entire lifecycle.

One of the most powerful advantage of all companies using a SOA Governance is the ability to make services they expose from applications running on any platform visible to and compliant with enterprise policies defined, enforced and audited across other platforms. On the other hand, it becomes easier to promote, ensure and formalize consistent alignment between demand from service consumers and the supply of services through Consumer Contract Provisioning.

Optiva provides an end-to-end set of SOA solutions allowing companies to build SOA that delivers real business value and makes our customers more competitive in the marketplace.

The following figure describes the necessary elements of Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture by Dirk Krafzig, Karl Banke, and Dirk Slama.