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Operational Support Systems

Our extreme knowledge in Telecommunication Sector enables providing end-to-end consulting services on Operational Support Systems also known as Operations Support Systems or, simply, OSS. Most Operational Support Systems have worked in isolation. and have been developed separately. This makes it difficult to improve performance and execute actions needed for enhancements.

Optiva is specialized and experienced in providing several consulting services through transformations of existing OSS. Our consultants create an OSS architecture and solution roadmap based on a Service Oriented Architecture.

Through this approach the results can be:

 - Simpler Integration

 - Costless System Communication

 - Services Reuasability

 - Business and IT allignment with better executed data flows

 - System Scalability

 - Improved Customer Service

 - Reduced Operational Costs and Dedicated Personnel


Our final target is to provide our customers with OSS solutions that can quickly identify and resolve service and network faults, automate business processes, quickly integrate new technologies from multiple vendors, and significantly improve their customers' Quality of Experience (QoE) and service availability while reducing their operating expenses.