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Optiva Balance Sheets 

Business Support Systems (BSS)

Optiva provides a comprehensive portfolio in Business Support System approach in order to simplify the operational tasks of every Communication Service Provider (CSP). Our innovative consulting services on BSS can give a numerous of advantages to CSP's so they can increase their customer service and reduce their response time being thus more effective and efficient.

Our offerings rely on many years of Research & Development and are based on the vast experience of our people. We are always trying to develop and enhance our offerings according to market conditions and our customers' needs.

We offer solutions for the following key areas concerning BSS.


Order Management

Through Order Management Systems, the capture, processing, and fulfillment of orders is automated. The Order Management System accepts orders from multiple channels including eStores, Call centers, IVR systems, Shopping Sites, and more.


Product Catalogue

With our multi-store system for product catalogs offering, you will be better equipped to easily manage several stores at once and create and update them quickly. Each store is enabled to share the same product catalog or can have different catalogs if that meets your business needs. You will have the option to have a different look for each store with interesting and appealing themes and templates.


Billing System

The engine for successful business processes is the billing system and that most interfaces and functions for transactions and creation of services are in line with the business requirements. Our understanding of telecom operators' businesses as well as the technical aspects of billing enables us to evaluate and select billing solutions that comply with today’s needs in a modern service environment. The evolution of the technical infrastructure and service creation often require upgrades or new billing system releases. Our billing procurement and deployment services start from the scoping process, where we align the needs for billing functionality with our customer's business requirements. This process ensures that required functionality will deliver high return on investment (ROI).


Customer Relationship Management

Optiva Customer Relationship Management consulting services enable CSP's to achieve high performance by helping them to anticipate, meet and exceed their customers' expectations more efficiently. We help our customers accelerate growth, improve sales productivity and reduce customer-care costs to increase the value of their customer relationships and enhance the economic value of their brands.


Campaign Management

Our enterprise offerings in BSS also include consultancy services as well as system integration in Campaign Management Systems. Optiva consultants are specialized in delivering Campaign Management services to our customers through enormous experience and expertise in the IT field.