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Optiva Balance Sheets 


Optiva LCS Hellas operates in most of the European countries and provides comprehensive, proprietary IT solutions for all sectors of the economy. Optiva specializes in the production and development of software. We develop and implement centralized and comprehensive IT systems and integrate advanced solutions for our customers.



Optiva LCS Hellas is offering consultancy services and innovative solutions to a wide range of customers covering the Banking / Telecommunication / Public sector and Utilities. We are experienced in IT Outsourcing, cross-industry solutions along with vertical solutions per sector developed and used in a way that best serves our customers' needs. We are willing to solve our customers' problems and aid them in improving their strategies and processes. Therefore, our target is to continuously help and advise with proven experience and advanced know-how. Finally, Optiva's outsourcing team perform extended projects and aim to optimize our customers' productivity and reduce their operational cost and their time-comsuming processes.

Our portfolio covers cross-industry needs such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM), SAP and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as well as vertical solutions described below per sector.
Banking & Financial Sector: Business Process Management, Payments, Risk Management
Telecommunication Sector: Business Support Systems (BSS), Operational Support Systems (OSS), Network Management, Inventory Management, Revenue Assurance
Public Sector & Utilities: GIS, Smart Grid



The last three letters of the company's name are also the initials of our three main targets.

- Innovation: To provide innovative solutions

- Value: To offer valuable consultancy services

- Achievement: To result in positive achievements



Our mission is to effectively partner with our clients in order to comprehensively cover their IT and Business needs, by providing end-to-end consulting services and innovative solutions, thus helping them gain business value and contributing in turning their vision into positive and achievable results.



Our people are the heart of our business. We stay tuned to our people’s feedback by continuously listening to them. Our people are commited, innovative and motivated with Optiva and the kind of their job. The professionals of Optiva combine a academical background along with a great on-the-job training and know-how of the solutions we offer. They have, also, been members of the most renowned teams of the IT market both in Greece and abroad. This is the reason why our consultancy services and our outsourcing teams are effective and efficient and our projects provide tremendous offerings to our customers across industries.