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Cross Industry Solutions

Our Cross Idustry Solutions rely on services applicable to every customer regardless of the sector and the origin. Each of these solutions can be useful for various financial institutions, a numerous of telecom providers and nearly every organization of the public sector. Optiva offers a variety of solutions to help companies address their unique challenges and accelerate the rate of innovations needed to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Optiva's Cross Idustry Solutions are currently consisted by the following three key areas.


Enterprise Content Management 

ECM solutions are necessary for every company since it is fact that spread information must be gathered together under common platforms through business processes.

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The multi-functional platform is already used in a numerous of companies around the world. Optiva is experienced in a wide variety of installations and is willing to provide consulting services over SAP.

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Service Oriented Architecture

Optiva's SOA governance and SOA software solutions allow companies to build a better service oriented architecture that delivers real value.

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