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Optiva Balance Sheets 

Vertical Solutions

Except for the Cross Idustry Solutions, our portfolio is covering each industry separately with a customized set of vertical solutions. We offer different solutions for Financial Institutions, Telecom Sector and Utilities.

Each industry's enterprise offerings are categorized below.


Banking & Financial Sector

Specifically for the Banking & Financial Sector, our enterprise offerings are:

- Business Process Management View More

- Payments View More

- Risk Management View More


Telecomunication Sector

Specifically for the Telecommunication Sector, our enterprise offerings are:

- Business Support Systems View More

- Operational Support Systems View More

- Network Management View More

- Inventory Management View More

- Revenue Assurance View More


Public Sector & Utilities

Specifically for the Public Sector & Utilities, our enterprise offerings are:

- GIS View More

- Smart Grid View More