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Optiva Balance Sheets 


New regulations, low interest rates and the steep operational costs, legacy systems and too many manual processes are just some of the reasons why debts are increasing and payments are not a customer's main concern. Optiva offers a Service Level Payments approach which allows financial institutions to welcome their regulators and offer new and tailored services that can stretch across the globe. Our customers are enabled to automate and standardise financial transactions, thereby lowering costs, reducing operational risk and eliminating inefficiencies from their operations. They can also create new business opportunities and revenue streams.

In a changing payments landscape, financial institutions must reposition to improve their competitiveness and remain relevant to consumers and corporate customers. In order to accomplish this target they have to leverage technology and sustain the relentless growth in electronic transactions and the proliferating ways to initiate them over digital channels.


Optiva is able to help financial institutions with the following set of solutions

Core & Card Payments

By replacing legacy payment systems and operations, financial institutions can create the flexibility and efficiency which is required in order to adapt to changes in the market. Payment renewal requires up-front strategy, operating model design and architecture, as well as execution abilities. Card payments are becoming an increasingly important part of a financial institution’s business. With structural and regulatory shifts, it is one of the few remaining areas for revenue growth.

Mobile Payments

We are offering professional services in terms of consulting and execution, ensuring the success of all the deployment projects of our mobile payment solutions. Our know-how in multi component project management, hosting, supervision and operation of the services with a very high level of security, the integration of new applications according to the customer needs and Our time to market guarantee can assure the succesful result.

Transactional Payments

Transaction banking is becoming a strategic business for many of the larger banks, either regionally or globally. The business model has proved resilient during the financial crisis as a valuable source of liquidity and revenue. However, transactions are commoditizing and both financial institutions and corporate customers are becoming more demanding. Corporations want simpler, more effective and widespread connectivity to the banking system, with access to value-added services, while financial institutions want scale players as partners to serve their processing, product and geographic needs.